NFT and Nostalgia|What is the method of appealing to millennials and the elderly?

Millennials who like to collect used clothing and sell it again when they are done using it. The elderly generation who emphasizes historical elements for things. Appeal to each generation is indispensable for the growth of the NFT market. How will the nostalgic NFT culture be formed while pioneering and avant-garde digital art is exhibited in overseas NFT marketplaces?

Focusing on Japanese retro culture, I will consider revitalizing the collectibles market using NFTs.

【Introducing 3 nostalgic NFTs】

・衕: 3PM Awaji, Hyogo

・夏: Nara


NFT and sports market

Professional sports such as professional baseball cards and museums and the content collection market have a long history of deepening ties. In the NFT market, as in the case of “Sports Icon”, efforts are being made to increase added value by expanding the content. It is expected that the market base will be expanded by projects with the themes of “NFT conversion of highly rare content” and “experience value through events”.

NFT x Sports Market Participating Companies

[Existing market]

Digital collectible: Satisfaction of ownership desire by content collection, transparency of revenue distribution

・ DapperLabs: NBA TOP SHOT

・ Topps

Project 70 also sells Hideki Matsui’s digital cards.

・ Sorare

・ Chills

[Emerging markets]

Improving experience value through the fusion of digital and real: Right to meet players and gifts of autographed items

・ Sports icon

・ Challenges for the Japanese market: Promoting the spread of NFTs in the conservative sports market

→ First of all, create an environment where individual players can issue NFTs like crowdfunding. Consideration will be given to NFT of collector’s collections.

Future business plan: NFT conversion and events of highly rare contents

Participation in the digital fashion market

: Successive uniforms, NFT of used spikes

: Digital Collectible at the Metaverse Museum

Participation in the retro and antique market

: NFT for professional baseball karuta, menko, etc.

: Rookie card high-value transactions

Participation in the game center market

: Holding NFT events

: Approach to existing card collectors

Old sports uniforms and trading cards have the advantage that the expected value and future value are easy to understand as they are also traded at Yahoo! Auctions.

As a baseball fan, I would be happy if there were cases such as the conversion of retro trading cards to NFT and the conversion of valuable images at that time to the virtual metaverse of the stadium for the mutual development of the NFT and the sports market!


I’ve been addicted to the world of NFT for a week now, but even when I’m looking at overseas NFT marketplaces, I think as an art beginner, “No, it’s too difficult” and “Is this avant-garde art?” So I thought that retro trading cards could touch the nostalgic chords of the general public. By digitally creating the value of a priceless experience that revives the memories of those days when collecting professional baseball cards, NFT will create a new collection market.

Also, VR, exhibitions at the Metaverse Museum, and events such as arcades may be good as grassroots activities. Since successive uniforms and professional baseball karuta are traded at Yahoo Auction, it is considered that it is not worth the timely $ 69 million (about 7.57 billion yen). However, I’m expecting the formation of a retro trading card market unique to digital!




NFT & Security token(STO) I like market research and analysis. Please contact me at any time.

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Masato Kato

Masato Kato

NFT & Security token(STO) I like market research and analysis. Please contact me at any time.

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